Beehive kill 60 penguins by stinging them in the eyes

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22nd Sep, 2021. 12:23 pm
Beehive kill 60 penguins by stinging them in the eyes

Beehive kill 60 penguins by stinging them in the eyes

Many imperiled penguins were killed by honey bees in an ‘accident’ occurrence in South Africa, a natural life association has affirmed.

The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds stated on Sunday, that the multitude of bugs more than once stung the ocean animals on a seashore.

Tests tracked down that the 63 African penguins – an animal type which highlights on a conspicuous ‘red list’ for imperiled creatures – had no wounds other than the stings, while various honey bees are also pass out.

The occurrence happened outside Cape Town, South Africa, where the flightless birds were discovered dead on Friday.

According to David Roberts, a clinical veterinarian for the establishment stated: “After tests, we found bee stings around the penguin’s eyes.”

“This is a very rare occurrence. We do not expect it to happen often, it’s a fluke.”

“There were also dead bees on the scene.”

The South African National Parks stated that the birds were taken to the establishment for post-mortems and tests sent for sickness and toxicology testing.

“There were no external physical injuries found on any of the birds,” In an assertion, it said.

The post-mortems showed every one of the penguins had numerous honey bee stings.

African penguins, which possess the shore and islands of southern Africa, are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red rundown, which means they face a high danger of elimination.

As per Mr. Roberts: “The penguins… must not die just like that as they are already in danger of extinction.”

He added, “They are a protected species.”

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