Biden promises emergency relief after Hurricane Ida hits the eastern US

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

03rd Sep, 2021. 12:57 am

As heavy rain from Hurricane Ida hit the US Atlantic coast from Maryland to New England, the natural disaster has claimed at least 20 deaths.

US President Joe Biden stated that the relief plans were to be conceded out by federal emergency agency FEMA, the National Guard, and the American Red Cross.

“The nation is here to help,” Biden said, encouraging emergency shelters and medical care for affected from the Gulf coast states to the northeast.

Whereas, the president will be traveling to Louisiana on Friday, where Ida caused more death and devastation earlier this week.

It is also noted by the authorities that the increase in dangerous weather events, such as the hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes that have all hit the US in recent weeks is a recap that climate change is a very real danger.

Furthermore, he also guaranteed to get the oil refineries on the Gulf coast back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whereas, the heavy rains have caused floods and sent New York City into a state of emergency, as the storm carried into New England with threats of more tornadoes.

New York’s FDR Drive, a major vein on the east side of Manhattan, along with the Bronx River Parkway, were underwater.

Subway stations and tracks were flooded to the point where the Metropolitan Transportation Authority postponed all service, and videos posted online showed subway riders standing on seats in cars filled with water.

Furthermore, NY streets and apartments were under up to 1 meter of water in some places, and more than 5,000 homes were out of power.





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