BJP leader’s son cut his birthday cake with ‘iPhone, video

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04th Sep, 2021. 12:01 am
BJP mla son

If history is to be re-read, we can always find that the children of wealthier or elite are always showing off their luxuries in India.

A video went of an Indian ruling party BJP MLA’s son cutting his birthday cakes with an iPhone drew the attention across the social media forums.

The video that went viral on Twitter, shows Suresh, the son of MLA being applauded as he guides his luxurious cell phone through the different cakes.

The denizens have disparaged the footage by saying that it was a showoff of wealth.

Some stated that the country rolls from economic issues due to the coronavirus pandemic and the elite are wasting tax money though cutting cakes with their iPhones.

According to the sources the birthday party happened in the Ballari region.

He had taken his friends or cousin to the party there is an expensive BMW car.

Suresh is also often seen driving an Audi car and eating in restaurants in different Instagram clips.

Whereas, the assembly member came to his son’s defense and added that was enjoying the occasion with his hard-earned money.

Dadesugur stated that there is nothing wrong with cutting the cake with the iPhone.

In his further explanation, he said that his son could have done it in its place of a knife as the Covid-19 has not ended.

On the contrary, different BJP leaders have uttered their displeasure over the incident.

“This is an ugly display of wealth. When lives and livelihoods are at stake, many are struggling for one square meal, such ostentatious display of wealth by the MLAs family is an insult to the poor and deprived classes in the constituency,” Congress leaders have lamented.

Earlier, actor Vijay Sethupathi had when he cut his 43rd birthday cake with a sword in January this year.

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