Charles Hoskinson: ‘after El Salvador accepts BTC, more countries will admit BTC’

Syed AhadWeb Editor

08th Sep, 2021. 08:07 pm

Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson guessed that accepting bitcoin by El Salvador is a great victory for the crypto industry.

Hoskinson expects that the acceptance of BTC by El Salvador will encourage other countries as well to adopt crypto.

Hoskinson said, “The majority of people under the age of 25 have a positive view on cryptocurrencies, and a lot of them own them. That’s the future. Their children will grow up with those values and those beliefs about the nature of money,”

Hoskinson further forecasted that other countries will move into the crypto industry by accepting crypto as part of varied government structures.

He further added that “In the coming years, many more nation-states will use crypto as part of their monetary policy, either as reserves in their central banks or using cryptocurrency rails for central bank settlements, or potentially just simply taking a cryptocurrency — as El Salvador has done — and make it the national currency.”

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