Compressed Natural Gas prices likely to rise across Pakistan once again

Syed AhadWeb Editor

03rd Sep, 2021. 10:50 pm
Compressed Natural Gas

The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Association has indicated the possibility of an increase in gas prices once again across the country.

According to Ghias Paracha, Leader of Compressed Natural Gas Association, the price of gas in Punjab will go up by Rs 18 per liter after which the price of gas in Punjab and Islamabad will be Rs 125 per liter, the price of gas in Sindh will be increased by Rs 28 per kg due to which the price of gas in Sindh will be Rs 192 per kg.

Ghias Paracha said that we are waiting for the notification of OGRA, the price of gas has been increased in some places, raising the tax on gas and reducing the tax on petrol and LPG is surprising.

Ghias Paracha said that the government should reduce the taxes in the CNG sector, the CNG sector should be given incentives like other sectors, otherwise, for the first time in the history of the country, gas will become more expensive than petrol and with this move, the country will be drowned in the flood of inflation.

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