Viral video: Dacoit hugs and returns snatched possessions to delivery boy

Web Desk News Agency

10th Sep, 2021. 12:18 am
viral video

In a viral video, an astonishing action of benevolence was caught on a security camera, a street robber was seen hugging and returning snatched belongings to a delivery rider in Karachi.

The event occurred in Karachi’s Alfalah Society.

An alleged dacoit was seen returning snatched assets to a delivery boy. Interestingly, he then hugged the delivery rider.

In the video of 45-second, two robbers on a motorbike were seen stopping a few steps forward of a delivery ride who seemed to be standing outside the door of a house in a thin street to deliver items.

One of the robbers came close to the delivery rider to snatch his earnings.

The dacoit and delivery boy were seemingly disagreeing for some seconds and later the shocking moment occurred, when the delivery rider stated his financial condition and his problems, the dacoit presented his ‘merciful side’ and reverted the valuables and hugged him to be quiet.

Whereas, in a related event on June 2020, a video went viral on social media that presented dacoits returning the snatched assets and money to a food delivery boy.

In a similar occurrence somewhere in Karachi were two street criminals acted on the site and snatched the delivery boy’s money which he received after delivering the order.

Afterward, the delivery boy, who was seen crying in the CCTV footage, had replaced some words with the street criminals while they were escaping from the location.

Shockingly, one of the dacoits had made a compassionate move by recurring the snatched assets to the boy and hugged him before leaving the site.


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