Deputy Governor SBP explains reason for rise in price of dollar

Syed AhadWeb Editor

15th Sep, 2021. 10:27 pm

Deputy Governor SBP said that the dollar rate increased due to supply and demand.

A meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance was held under the chairmanship of Senator Talha Mahmood in which the Deputy Governor SBP briefed the Standing Committee.

The Deputy Governor SBP said that due to the pressure of balance of payments and the situation in Afghanistan, the value of the dollar rose and the rate of the dollar also increased due to supply and demand.

Senator Sherry Rehman said that SBP is not ready to say anything about the rate of the dollar, the Ministry of Finance should answer why the dollar has risen to Rs 170.

Chairman Committee Talha Mahmood said that when Shaukat Tareen became the Finance Minister, the dollar was Rs 153, today it has reached Rs 170.

It may be recalled that the dollar continues to soar against the rupee and the dollar has reached a new high in history.

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