Dog’s unusual gaze with a naughty grin reminded many of the ‘disaster girl’ memes

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

29th Sep, 2021. 03:52 pm
Dog’s unusual gaze reminded many of the 'disaster girl' memes

Dog’s unusual gaze reminded many of the ‘disaster girl’ memes

Many people were reminded of the ‘disaster girl’ meme by the canine’s peculiar stare with a mischievous grin pasted on his face.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to steal the show with their cuteness at any time of day, but what if the dogs did so at its human’s wedding? A four-legged ring-bearer experienced the same thing.

Emily Brier, a Twitter user, recently married her partner in a wooded mountain trail in the United States, with her partner’s dog Henry serving as the ring bearer. Henry decided to strike a pose for the camera while the minister was conducting the event.

Brier tweeted, “Have we discussed how Henry was the ring bear(er) at our elopement and stole the show with this one single photo.”

Although it’s not uncommon for dogs to draw attention, it was Henry’s uncanny glance at the camera, complete with a mischievous grin, that got everyone talking on the internet. Many others compared it to the ‘disaster girl’ meme, in which a tiny child smiles at the camera while a house burns in the background.











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