#DoNotTouchMyClothes: How Afghan women are defying Taliban instructions

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

15th Sep, 2021. 02:15 pm
#DoNotTouchMyClothes: How Afghan women are defying Taliban instructions

In a campaign against the new severe dress code for Afghan women, women from all over the world are posting photos of themselves dressed in traditional colourful clothing.

Women have taken to social media to protest the Taliban’s hardline policies toward them, following street demonstrations across Afghanistan’s major towns.

Afghan women all over the world have been sharing images of themselves wearing traditional colourful clothing with the hashtag #DoNotTouchMyClothes as part of an internet campaign.

According to Aryana Saeed, “when we speak of the real culture and the real physical appearance of a Traditional Woman of Afghanistan, we speak of the first image and not the second one!”


Peymana Assad, the first person of Afghan descent to be elected to public office in the United Kingdom, tweeted a photo of herself dressed in colourful clothing with the caption, “This is Afghan culture. My traditional dress.”

The action comes in response to a Taliban-organized sit-down demonstration at Kabul University, where roughly 300 women dressed entirely in black, covering their faces, hands, and feet, a look that had never been seen before in the country.

The women, who were waving Taliban flags, claimed they supported the militants’ announcements that women would not be permitted to assume high-ranking government jobs and that schools and institutions would need to be gender-segregated.





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