Ethereum price prediction: ETH price stays sturdy

Syed AhadWeb Editor

16th Sep, 2021. 06:26 pm
Ethereum price

Ethereum price consolidated among $3,015 to $3,338 level for nearly a month earlier it flew away from it and marked the $4,000 psychological barrier.

Though this move was remarkable, it was followed by the September 7 smash, the downfall of all the gains. But, the congestion is seen among $3,015 to $3,338 aided limit the sell-off and kept ETH afloat.

Due to the new uptick in big crypto’s price, ETH price appears to be heading near to the Fair Value Gap (FVG), ranging from $3,716 to $4,071. Investors can assume the smart contract token will retest the $4,000 level if the present bullishness stays.

In a highly bullish situation, a flip of the $4,071 supply barrier into the demand floor will clue at a change to an all-time high at $4,372.

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