Holidays announced for watching Money Heist Season 5

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

01st Sep, 2021. 09:06 pm

If you are one of the Money Heist’s Season 5 fans, get ready to watch the upcoming season in peace at home with some popcorns by your side.

An Indian information technology company is giving a full day off to its employees to watch its infamous Netflix show Money Heist’s Season 5.

The commonly awaited season of the action-thriller web show releases on September 3 on Netflix.

According to the notice, issued by Verve Logic’s Chief Executive Officer Abhishek Jain, calls it a “Netflix & Chill Holiday”.

“So Grab the Popcorn, Freeze on Your Couch and Be Prepared to Wave a Final Bye to Our Most-Loved Professor & the Entire Caste,” the official statement read.

He further stated that his workers wanted a break due to the remarkable spirit they showed and aided the company in dark times.

The official statement ends with “Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao” a song that is one of the show’s themes.

The trailer of Money Heist Season 5 shows the Professor’s gang going on an all-out war against the military.

The show will continue following the events that took place in the fourth season.






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