International Space Station: Astronauts eat floating pizza in space, watch video

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

08th Sep, 2021. 04:36 pm
International Space Station: Astronauts eat floating pizza in space

A video of astronauts eating pizza inside the International Space Station has gone viral, causing a frenzy on the internet. Thomas Pesquet, an astronaut, shared a video of himself and his friends eating pizza aboard the International Space Station (ISS), and it has since gone viral, leaving netizens in wonder.

The images show Thomas having a good time with his companions while eating floating pizzas in the shuttle. The captions for the video are as follows: ”Floating pizza night with friends, it almost feels like a Saturday on Earth  They say a good chef never reveals their secrets, but I made a video so you can be the judge. Everything but pineapple, that would be a serious offense in Italy.”


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When Thomas shared the video online, it quickly went viral, garnering 724,287 views in just 24 hours.

Netizens loved watching the video and expressed their amusement in the comment section. “Gravity, It’s insane,” wrote an Instagram user, while another commented, “Why the pizza flows but the toppings stay still on top of the pizza? Mysterious.”




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