Kubra Khan as Mashal: A Sympathetic Villain

Anoushia JabeenWeb Editor

23rd Sep, 2021. 04:36 pm

We have seen Kubra Khan in many Pakistani dramas such as Alif and Sang e mar mar, and remembered her for beautifully delivering the characters. Once again she has wowed us with her selection of the character Mashal in Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay has brought her unimaginable fame. This might be happening for the first time that Pakistanis are hailing a villain. Yes, Mashal is a typical jealous cousin who is envious of her sister-cousin because of her qualities. She cannot stand her goodness since childhood thus ends up destroying all her happiness by being crafty and makes sure that her happy moments are ruined.

Directed by Farooq Rind and written by Umera Ahmed, the story unfolds episode after episode in a way that keeps the viewers glued to the serial. There hasn’t been a single episode in the series where her character hasn’t made a strong presence or where she has been undervalued.

Before we get into how Kubra Khan is possibly the best choice for Mashal, let’s take a look at how nearly every drama she has participated in has been a major hit. Well, one might say she is quite picky in her project selection. She’s sharing the screen with some big stars again this time and delivering another blockbuster. Now, let’s begin by describing the fictional character Mashal, she is aggressive, attractive, smart, envious, and above all, unrepentant about her actions. We can also consider her as a twisted personality. A person with a kind heart but a toxic influence that causes her to do things she doesn’t understand can lead to her own demise. A determined girl who won’t stop until she has what she wants, no matter how hard the situation may be; she’ll sweep any low to get things done for herself, and she’s shown to be remorseful at times, but her hatred and ego are greater than any other sentiments she may have.

If we talk about Kubra Khan as a person in real life, we see someone who is the polar opposite of her character in the drama. She’s a person who laughs at the most ridiculous jokes and cracks them pretty frequently. She’s one of those celebs who aren’t afraid to be completely open and honest. She has a carefree and uncomplicated personality, is fun, and most importantly, is down-to-earth. However, she managed to make it appear so authentic that one would misinterpret her as Mashal. I wonder how she managed to make everyone truly feel things for the characters’ jealously, wrath, comparison, and overall attitude. Isn’t that how we determine who’s a good actor?

Some individuals despise her for being such a cruel person in the drama, someone who would go to any length to acquire what Mehreen (Mahira Khan) possesses, while others feel sorry for her and justify her actions. Whatever it is, we can’t help but compliment her on her outstanding performance. From her facial expressions in each scene to her body language and dialogue delivery, everything about her is flawless. Especially in the scenes where Mehreen and Mashal are face to face, she makes us experience the scenario as we sit in front of our television screens taking sides for the cousin we believe is right.

It’s not often that the audience has an emotional connection with a character and finds it difficult to accept that this individual is completely different in real life. Kubra has validated herself as an actress by taking this role, leaving us with the impression that no one else could play Mashal as well as she did. So, anytime we talk about her career in the future, her appearance in Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay would be the first drama to come up as her finest work. We hope she will continue extending her list of notable works, making us all feel fortunate to have such great performers in our Pakistani entertainment industry.

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