Lady dancing on road for Instagram is now in trouble

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17th Sep, 2021. 03:57 pm
Lady dancing on road for Instagram is now in trouble

Lady dancing on road for Instagram is now in trouble

The lady is in distress because the video of her dancing for Instagram is viral now.

She was filmed while dancing at the signal light in Indore.

In Indore at the busy crossing road a woman recorded when she dances on the running road, Madhya Pradesh, once the traffic signal is red the act she did for an Instagram account, due to her act the police gave her a notice for violating traffic rules.

She is known as Shreya Kalra, four days before she shared a video for her Instagram account where’s video went viral, in the video Ms. Kalra, wear a black dress at the road like a zebra crossing the cars also slow down, and when she started dancing by Doja cat even the persons along with the ride coming at the traffic signal for look baffled by her act.

At Rasoma Square in Indore the video was filmed, in the start of the clip, several social media users criticized her for she also filmed herself at a public place without a mask.

According to Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam, “Whatever her intentions were, it was wrong. I will issue an order to take action against her under Motor Vehicles Acts, to stop such incidents in the future.”

The clip was seeking attention due to the bad comments on Instagram Ms. Kalra has now updated a caption, urging her fans to follow the traffic rules, “Please do not break the rules – red sign means you have to stop at the signal not because I’m dancing [sic],” she wrote, also urging her fans to wear masks.

For the social media, this is not the first time she act like that, in recent times the Mumbai Police reserved drivers for a motorcycle act in which they flipping themselves off the vehicles while recording.

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