Latvia: Current situation of COVID-19

Aneela SiddiquiWeb Editor

01st Sep, 2021. 11:52 am

On August 27, Latvia reported 181 new cases of COVID-19, according to details published by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Center.

According to the Latvian Public Broadcasting, 155 people were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, while the other 26 people were fully vaccinated.

According to the same source, 81 people tested positive for the Coronavirus on August 30 based on data provided by the Disease Prevention and Control Center (SPKC). Sixty-eight of them were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, while thirteen were fully vaccinated.

From 116.0 (Sunday) to 117.7 (Monday), the two-week cumulative infection rate per 100,000 people increased.

According to Latvian Public Broadcasting, 856,987 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination were used in Latvia, with a total of 294,302 doses of AstraZeneca, 232,127 doses of Moderna vaccine, and 112,629 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine utilised by Sunday.

Up to recently, 755,922 people in Latvia have been fully vaccinated.

According to information released by the World Health Organization, Latvia has recorded 277 new cases of COVID-19 infection in the last 24 hours (WHO).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Latvia has recorded a total of 142,400 COVID-19 cases of infection and 2,573 deaths.


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