Louisiana: Tree rescues a cow during Hurricane Ida

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

06th Sep, 2021. 01:03 pm
Louisiana: Tree rescues a cow during Hurricane Ida

A rescue team in Louisiana came to the help of a cow discovered lodged in a tree above the floodwaters left by Hurricane Ida.

According to a Facebook post from the St. Bernard Parish administration, parish workers Tyler Acosta, David Palmer, and Roy Ragan Sr. collaborated with private citizen Louis Pomes to rescue a cow found entangled in a tree near the Florissant Highway.

The crew used chainsaws to cut limbs from the tree and lower the cow to the ground.

The Florissant Highway is still closed owing to Hurricane Ida’s heavy floodwaters.

Hurricane Ida, one of the most devastating storms to have hit the US continent, wreaked damage in Louisiana.

Although it fell into a tropical storm overnight after making landfall on Sunday, bringing heavy rain and screaming winds, it left a massive swath of destruction in its wake. Several people resorted to social media to discuss the scope of the disaster’s impact and aftermath.

Ida destroyed the region’s power grid, leaving New Orleans and hundreds of thousands of other Louisiana citizens in the dark with no clear schedule for when power would be restored.

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