McDonald’s in El Salvador starts accepting Bitcoin payments

Syed AhadWeb Editor

08th Sep, 2021. 08:42 pm
McDonald’s in El Salvador

McDonald’s in El Salvador is presently accepting cryptocurrency payments via Lightning Network.

After El Salvador accepted bitcoin, BTC as payment is becoming a reality in the country. As the acceptance has opened modern payment options for its citizens.

Aaron van Wirdum a journalist publicized the news after visiting McDonald’s in El Salvador, where he was offered a printed QR code guiding him to an account page on Lightning Network.

Lightning is a layer-two payment protocol planned to create bitcoin transactions more scalable. While BTC has succeeded as an investable asset, its acceptance as a medium of exchange has been partial.

Lightning Network will probably verify invaluable if El Salvador hopes to accomplish the bulk acceptance of Bitcoin payments. Further than instant transactions, however, El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy could be proven effective by streamlining global payments, growing the wealth of its citizens, and appeal to crypto-focused entrepreneurs of the country.

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