Missouri: Two-headed snake celebrates its 16th birthday

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

03rd Sep, 2021. 04:26 pm
Missouri: Two-headed snake celebrates its 16th birthday

A nature center in Missouri is holding a “sweet 16” birthday celebration for one of its most unusual residents: a two-headed snake.

The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center announced that the female black rat snake, which has two heads with completely functional brains, will celebrate 16 on Saturday and that visitors are encouraged to join in the celebration.


According to Alex Holmes, a biologist with the MDC, rat snakes typically survive around 10 years in the wild, while conjoined twins live significantly fewer years because their bodies lack dominant leadership, making them easy prey for predators.

Jamie Koehler, assistant manager of the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center, told the media, “Having two heads or being conjoined twins as they are happening in nature, happens in any kind of species.”

“It’s just typical that she wouldn’t have survived out in the wild because someone would have her for breakfast or lunch,” Koehler added.

Visitors will be able to participate in crafts, games, and cake at the birthday party, which will take place from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday.

According to Koehler, the event will also provide an opportunity to learn more about the species.







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