Mother protects her son from a mountain lion

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

13th Sep, 2021. 03:54 pm
Mother protects her son from a mountain lion in California

A mother in California was compelled to fight a mountain lion after her son was attacked while playing outside their home. The mountain lion was eventually defeated.

The mountain lion dragged the youngster across the yard, but the mother spotted and valiantly attacked the beast with her bare hands until he relented.

Captain Patrick Foy, a representative for California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, said the mom was a star who “certainly saved her son’s life.”

According to reports, the youngster suffered injuries to his head and chest as a result of the attack, but he is now in stable condition at a Los Angeles hospital.

The lion, who was assumed to be still learning how to fend for itself due to its young age, was shot dead when officers got on the scene to find it crouched in the buses.

A DNA test eventually confirmed that the lion was responsible for the attack.


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