New York: Man jumps to death and kills old man standing below

Shaista Zafar

23rd Sep, 2021. 04:37 pm
New York, man attempt suicide and kills the old man below

New York, man attempt suicide and kills the old man below

In New York, a guy leaped off the roof of a building, killing himself and a 61 year old man he landed on.

The Yonkers Police Department told the media, “Preliminary information is that a distraught 25-year-old male jumped off the roof of the building, falling 12 stories onto the concrete parking garage roof below and striking a 61-year-old male.”

Both males were dead at the spot of the accident, which occurred shortly before 8 p.m. on Monday.

Policemen are looking into the reckless act of the man and “interviewing witnesses and family members” who may have information.

Earlier, a 20-year-old famed Tik Tok star Shahzad Ahmed took his own life after being rejected from marriage by one of her female friends.

According to the details, Shahzad Ahmed reportedly committed suicide in Peshawar after his marriage proposal was refused.

The boy had 0.3 million followers on Tik Tok and was said to have attempted suicide in past but was saved.

According to police, they had received a complaint from the star’s brother, Sajjad who told that his brother [Shahzad] was nowhere to be found since Saturday.

Later, Sajjad found Shahzad hanging from a ceiling fan in another room, police added.

“He was in love with a girl but her father turned down his marriage proposal repeatedly after which Shahzad was really depressed and he committed suicide,” Sajjad declared in the complaint.


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