Pai Forest fire break-out consumes hundreds trees

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

01st Sep, 2021. 08:28 pm
pai forest fire

According to the rescue sources, a fire has blown up in Pai Forest near Sakrand.

The fire has submerged hundreds of trees in the woodland, quoting rescue sources.

Pai Forest’s raging fire couldn’t get under control by the authorities, and is promptly dispersing.

According to rescue sources, fire tenders have been called from other parts of the district to control and quench the blaze.

Local residents of the area stated that the fire could result in the loss of precious trees, plants, and saplings in the forest. “Hundreds of precious trees have burnt in the raging fire so far,” according to local people.

In an earlier fire incident at the Pai Forest has not happened for the first time, the same woodland in April 2009 several trees were shattered to ashes.

Officials claimed in a previous fire incident that fire burnt down trees on at least five to six acres of the land.

The forest fire exaggerated trees of eucalyptus, babol, and Kandi over five acres, according to a report.

The Pai Forest, once prosperous woodland, was formerly spread over an area of 5,901 acres.

Consequently, an area of over one thousand acres was relocated to the department of agriculture.

Sindh is nearly underprivileged of all its forest cover, as centuries-old forests on both sides of the River Indus have been eradicated and transformed into agricultural lands and engaged by the influential of the area.


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