Pakistan will decide to recognize the Taliban govt together with neighboring countries: PM Imran

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

21st Sep, 2021. 10:09 pm

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that Pakistan would make a conclusion on whether to officially identify the Taliban government alongside other neighboring states.

In an interview with the Private news channel, PM also pronounced his concerns that there could be a philanthropic catastrophe and civil war and that an “unstable and chaotic Afghanistan” would be an “ideal place for terrorists”.

Imran Khan called on the worldwide community to give the Taliban more time.

“All neighbors will get together and see how they progress,” he said. “Whether to recognize them or not will be a collective decision.”

However, while talking about women’s rights in Afghanistan, Imran Khan said that women will get their rights under the Taliban, with time.

Whereas, PM stated in an interview with the Russian media outlet, that the world has no way out but complications will increase if the US does not recognize the Taliban government and hold discourses with the Afghan Taliban.

The prime minister said that Afghanistan is presently the utmost significant issue for the entire expanse as the country is at historic intersections, adding that Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan.

PM responds to a question regarding helping the Taliban that “If Pakistan helps Taliban win against the US, it means that Pakistan is stronger than the US and whole of the Europeans and so strong that it has been able to make a lightly armed militia of around 60,000 fighters, beat a well-equipped armed of 300,000.”

He said, “Unfortunately it is a propaganda which has been unleashed by the firstly by the Afghan government to cover up its incompetence, corruption, inability to give proper governance to people of Afghanistan, it been perceived as a puppet government, not being respected by the people of Afghanistan and secondly it’s the India which invested heavily in Ashraf Ghani-led Afghan government but this propaganda has no logic”.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan s total budget for 220 million people is Rs 50 billion, how could it have in any way reinforced insurgence in Afghanistan which stunned the United States which spent over $2 trillion in Afghanistan in 20 years.

“How come the 300,000 Afghan army did not fight, did Pakistan ask them not to fight, so if someone wants to know the reasons why the Taliban won and the Americans lost after 20 years, all they have to do is do a detailed analysis of why one of the bravest nations in the world the Afghan nation, why did the arm give up without a fight,” he asked.

PM Imran further stated that from Pakistan’s point of view, there is also a danger of extremism from Afghan soil, adding that the only way for peace and constancy in Afghanistan is a comprehensive government.

“The Afghan people consider the war against external forces as jihad and the Taliban have learned a lot in 20 years,” he said.



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