Questions circulating the internet of MDCAT are fake, PMC

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

07th Sep, 2021. 11:13 pm
mbbs students

The Medical and Dental Colleges Admissions Test (MDCAT) questions circulating on the internet are fake, stated The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).

PMC shared an example of the questions being distributed on the internet and wrote that “this is an example of messages being circulated on the internet falsely claiming to be questions from the MDCAT.”

The commission cautioned the students that any such questions are not part of the “MDCAT exam question bank” and are being used by “miscreants” to deceive students and generate panic.

“Not rely on such misleading posts while preparing for the MDCAT and focus on the syllabus,” warned the PMC to the students.


PMC further cleared that students will have the choice of skipping a question and endeavoring it later during exam time.

PMC added that students will also have the chance to analyze the selected answers and reread them if required.

The final score will only be given on the answers selected by the student when the exam completes, clarified PMC.

All final answers selected before the exam time will be fully recorded and scored.

PMC also stated about the internet issues faced by the students that the examination is not dependent on an open external internet connection, therefore, any issues with that will not delay the exam.

MDCAT is programmed till September 30.

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