Raja Pervaiz Ashraf claims PPP will form next govt in Punjab

Hassan NaqviReporter

08th Sep, 2021. 06:35 pm

LAHORE: Former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said on Wednesday that the PPP is on a mission to revive the party in Punjab and is hopeful of forming the next government in Punjab.

Ashraf, who is the president of PPP’s central Punjab wing, said that he had reached Lahore a day earlier and was overwhelmed by the response he received from the party workers.

“We are grateful to party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PPP President Asif Ali Zardari for the trust in the new body and will make all-out effort to come up to the expectations,” Ashraf told the media. PPP central Punjab president was flanked with general secretary Syed Hassan Murtaza, PPP central Punjab information secretary Shahzad Saeed Cheema and other leaders.

He added that in his meeting with PPP workers he directed them that the party was on a mission to revive PPP in Punjab and form the next government in Punjab.

“We will stand with our candidates and take our agenda to people across the province,” the former prime minister vowed. He also assured everyone that he and his team would win back the trust of the disgruntled workers.

“We will convince and motivate them too,” said PPP’s central Punjab president. He claimed that if we manage to motivate and convince our workers before the next elections we would be able to form the government.

“We will reach each and every corner of Punjab and motivate our workers, convince them and will emerge victorious in next elections,” said Ashraf. He added that the PPP will take decisions on merit in consultation with workers.

“I am a worker myself and I understand the mind set of PPP workers and our policy will be made according to their mind sets,” he added.

Ashraf slams PTI government

He criticised the Imran Khan-led government for the rising inflation and claimed that the masses were upset with the PTI’s performance.

“Imran Khan used to say that if inflation is increasing in the country then the leader is corrupt. “Where does he stand now?” asked the PPP stalwart. He added that during his party’s tenure the performance was a thousand times better than the PTI’s.

He also criticised the government for the rising cost of energy and reminded everyone that during the PPP’s tenure the price of the utility was Rs7 per unit and now it has risen toRs28 per unit.

The former premier said that people are disturbed and the PTI government has failed miserably.

He claimed that during PTI’s three years in power 18,000 people were suspended from their jobs and labelled it an “anti-people government” that did exactly what it promised.

“Our workers are motivated and situation would be clear in next ten weeks,” the former PM claimed. Ashraf said that PPP always came to power with the support and votes of the masses.

The PPP leader also shared that his party is ready to welcome leaders who had jumped ship in the past.

“We will make a comeback in the next elections in Punjab and you will see a huge improvement and our seats will increase from 7 in the next general elections,” vowed Ashraf.

To a question, he said that the government should take decisions in the country’s interest when it comes to relationship with Taliban.

Meanwhile, PPP central Punjab General Secretary Syed Hassan Murtaza alleged that the PTI government was using unfair means ahead of cantonment board elections.

“Police is being used to threaten our workers and are arresting them,” alleged Murtaza. He also appealed to the election commission to take notice of PTI’s violation of the code of conduct.

Murtaza regarding a question, about Fayyazul Hassan Chohan’s remarks about PPP chairman said that his comment was below the belt and PPP does not take him seriously.

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