Raven took offense to drones flying into its territory

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

27th Sep, 2021. 03:43 pm
Raven took offense to drones flying into its territory

Raven took offense to drones flying into its territory

A raven in Canberra’s Harrison neighborhood took offense to drones flying into its territory and was seen on camera swooping down on the delivery gadget.

A furious bird presented an unusual obstacle to an Australian business owner’s inventive and game-changing delivery technique. A raven attacked a drone carrying a home delivery gift for a caffeine-hungry guy, nearly knocking it off balance and leaving the consumer shocked. A video of the attack has already gone viral on social media.

After spotting drones flying across its territory in the Canberra suburb of Harrison, a raven took offense and was seen swooping down on the delivery device. Ben Roberts, who was waiting for his coffee, became aware that the drone was being attacked, with the bird pecking furiously at it in an attempt to bring it down.

The company assured the buyer that ornithologists will investigate the occurrence, demonstrating their dedication to environmental reasons.

This, however, was not an isolated incident. Large ravens have nearly pulled down at least two such aerial devices in the area in recent days, according to The New York Times. Following the attacks, the company was compelled to halt drone operations in order to protect the birds and their equipment, according to the article.

The fight for airborne domination was started, according to ABC Net, since nesting season coincided with an increase in demand for drone deliveries during Canberra’s pandemic-induced lockdown.

Ornithologist Neil Hermes told ABC Net that while ravens “attacking drones is new,” they are known to attack anything that threatens their nests. “I believe that if you interviewed the birds today, you would discover that they believed they had won,” Herman added.

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