Robber Bride suffering from AIDS marries 8 grooms

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Sep, 2021. 11:55 am
Robber Bride suffering from AIDS marries 8 grooms

Marriage is a pious bond, but some people, unfortunately, exploit this sacred bond by luring people into it and run away after plundering the families.

Meanwhile, a frightful case has come to light from Patiala in India’s Punjab. A bride who is suffering from the life-threatening disease AIDS married 8 grooms.

According to the Indian media reports, a few days ago, the police arrested this Looteri bride and when her HIV test was conducted it turned out to be positive.

The reports further added that the HIV positive bride stayed with every groom for about a week after marriage and she married eight times with different grooms.

The police officer stated that the bride accused of defrauding by marrying has been found to be HIV positive. All the grooms she has married so far will also get tested.

The bride is a resident of the Kaithal district of Haryana, India and a mother of three children, her real marriage took place in the year 2010 in Patiala.

She started to dupe people in the name of marriage about four years ago and robbed many people of Punjab-Haryana by luring them.

Patiala SP City Varun Sharma said that the robber bride wanted to get rich soon so she along with her mother and some other relatives started cheating on people under the guise of marriages.

The accused bride also confessed to the crime during the interrogation of the police.

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