SECP revamps Voluntary Pension System regulatory framework

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08th Sep, 2021. 07:55 pm
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ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has revamped the Voluntary Pension System (VPS) Rules, 2005, facilitating greater pension penetration in Pakistan, a statement issued by the commission said on Wednesday.

The private pension funds established under the VPS rules are professionally managed savings-cum-investment vehicles that enable salaried and self-employed Pakistanis, including non-resident Pakistanis, to contribute during their working life, to accumulate savings available after retirement.

The reforms, while maintaining the flexibility of individualised asset allocation, have introduced a number of measures, including easier transferability between the pension fund managers and funds, added flexibility to fund managers to allocate various expenses within the total permissible expense limit, allowing pledging of pension account against the employer loan and the removal of SECP’s prior approval for VPS advertisements.

Further, to streamline adjustments in requirements over time, matters related to pricing, obligations and performance of pension funds have been shifted from the Voluntary Pension System rules to the Non-Bank Finance Companies Regulations, 2008.

These reforms constitute an important step forward in ensuring protection for the elderly, while safeguarding its sustainability in the future. It is expected that the revamped framework will not only pave the way for the growth of the private pension funds, but also enhance financial inclusion and provide the much-needed depth to Pakistan’s capital markets.

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