‘Skinny House’ in Boston sells for $1.25 million

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

21st Sep, 2021. 02:56 pm
'Skinny House' named property in Boston sells for $1.25 million

‘Skinny House’ named property in Boston sells for $1.25 million

The “Skinny House” in Boston, which tradition has it was erected during a family feud during the Civil War, has sold for $1.25 million.

After returning home after the Civil War, a soldier discovered that his brother had constructed home on their inherited land from their late father, leaving him with only a small plot of land. According to CBS Boston and The Washington Post, he erected the “Skinny House,” also known as a “Spite House,” to shield sunlight from his brother’s home.

“For $1.25 million, you can live like a spiteful brother,” Travis Sachs, executive vice president of CL Properties, told the Post. “That’s really something.”

The Skinny House at 44 Hull St. was advertised for $1.2 million and sold for $1.25 million on Thursday, according to Zillow.

Earlier, an uncommon £1 coin has sold on eBay for £200 as it has a stamping blunder.

The mint piece is a duplicate of the new British pound that entered the course in 2017. However, the adaptation is feeling the loss of the silver center which implied authorities were quick to break it up.

The pound coin sold on the unloading site for £205 last month, after 24 offers from five separate bidders.


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