Cats stressed out because owners remain home

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

13th Sep, 2021. 03:42 pm
Stressed out cats because owners remain home during pandemic

Vets are reporting an increase in the number of felines suffering from stress-related disorders, which they attribute to owners spending more time at home during the pandemic, disrupting the animals’ usual routine.

Debbie James of Swindon’s Vet’s Klinic has cautioned that the problems could become life-threatening.

According to her, “We have seen a rise in blocked bladders in male cats and cystitis in male and female cats during the lockdowns and coming out of lockdown. The most common cause is stress.”

To avoid health risks, James urged folks who work from home to keep their cat’s routine as normal as possible.

She said, “Any change in routine can unsettle cats as they are creatures of habit. They like routine and any change, such as people being home more, can cause a cat to become stressed.”

“If cat owners are working from home or self-isolating then the advice is to keep their routine as similar to normal as possible.”



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