Taliban enforce work restrictions on Afghan women

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20th Sep, 2021. 09:37 pm
afghan women protest

The Taliban Monday constricted their grasp on women’s rights, reducing women’s entrance to work, and negating girls the right to secondary school education.

After promising a softer version of their oppressive administration of the 1990s, the group has been disrobing at liberties one month after claiming power.

“I may as well be dead,” said one woman, who was dismissed from her senior role at the foreign ministry.

“I was in charge of a whole department and there were many women working with me… now we have all lost our jobs,” she told the Private news agency, claiming she not be acknowledged for fear of revenge.

The acting mayor of the capital Kabul has said any municipal jobs currently held by women would be occupied by men.

While the country’s new leaders have not dispensed an official policy of precisely banning women from working, commands by individual officials have amounted to their prohibiting from the workplace.

That came after the education ministry ordered male teachers and students back to secondary school at the weekend, but made no reference to the country’s millions of women educators and girl acolytes.

The all-male-oriented government also seemed to shut down the former administration’s ministry of women’s affairs and substituted it with one that received disrepute during their first spell in power to implement religious policies.

Many Afghan women distress they will never find meaningful occupations.


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