Taliban ready to work with the International community, envoys

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23rd Sep, 2021. 08:20 pm
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The provisional Afghan government has guaranteed Pakistan, China, and Russia that it will work to meet the international demands comprising of the development of a comprehensive government, guarding the rights of women and overall human rights.

The declaration was made by Acting Afghan Prime Minister Mullah Hassan Akhund in a summit with the special envoys from Pakistan, China, and Russia in Kabul.

According to the diplomatic sources stated that both the Chinese and Russian representatives were “satisfied” with their communication with the Taliban leadership.

The envoy visited markets and different ministries and they were astounded to find the condition on the ground, normal.

The sources claimed that the Taliban approved to contain members of all ethnicities in the government as they firmly believe that “Afghanistan is for everyone”.

The sources also stated that Taliban leaders have made it clear that known persons, who were part of the government in the last 20 years and had been blamed for corruption would not be asked to join the setup.

The special diplomats of Pakistan, China, and Russia were also told that there would be no constraint on the girls’ education but that would be done as per “Sharia.”

The sources said the Taliban leaders were cognizant of the fact that they had to work with the international community and that was the reason they were eager to address the worries of the outside world.

Pakistan, China, and Russia have meetings of views on the way forward for Afghanistan.

On the contrary, they are advising the international community, mainly the West, to continue the engagement with the Taliban but at the same time are asking the Taliban to form a comprehensive government, safeguard women’s rights and not permit Afghan soil to be used again by extremist groups.

The sources have also claimed that Taliban leadership demanded China and Russia for their sustenance for efforts for the releasing of foreign reserves.

Whereas, the US has frozen around $9.5 billion foreign assets of Afghanistan since the Taliban took control of Kabul.

After the visit to Kabul, the Chinese and Russian diplomats moved to Islamabad.


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