TikTok star Ambreen Doll gets harassed by a Policeman inside the police station

Raba NoorWeb Editor

09th Sep, 2021. 10:42 pm
Ambreen Doll harassed by a Policeman

TikToker Ambreen Doll was harassed and raped by a policeman Usman Akbar inside the police station.

Victim TikToker Ambreen Doll reached out to BOL News for help.

Policeman Usman Akbar took the number of Ambreen and swindled out her by offering a police job. He took Ambreen with him by asking to meet with the police officer.

After that Policeman Usman has taken her to the guest house and raped her.

While talking to BOL media, Ambreen said that he took her pictures and video and also started blackmailing her after the incident.

Ambree further said that she was forcibly taken to the Zaman Town Police Station and was repeatedly raped inside the police station.

Other police officers also know that Usman raped Ambreen in the police station.

According to BOL news, Usman hit her in public and forcibly took her away, and abused her.

Ambreen said that “Usman threatened to shoot me and I am under house arrest. My life is in danger. He will kill me. He leaked my videos and photos and shared them with others as well. He used to take me to the Police van and also make my videos in the police van. I call on government leaders and senior police officers to take action.”

BOL News received the audios of Usman Akbar’s threats to Ambreen Doll.

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