Unisame asks PM to discourage imports of cars, luxury items

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07th Sep, 2021. 01:04 pm
Car Import

KARACHI: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Unisame) has urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice and discourage huge imports of cars, luxury items and foodstuffs to lessen the burden on foreign exchange, a statement said on Tuesday.

Unisame president Zulfikar Thaver said that the premier needs to act wisely and not be influenced by the importers of superfluous items such as cars, luxury goods and foodstuffs. They need not to be patronised at the cost of loss to the national exchequer.

When so many brands of cars are being made/assembled in Pakistan, what is the need for imports, he said, adding that the depletion clause is not being implemented in reality, as car assemblers are not getting the parts manufactured in Pakistan but are getting them imported through their own established companies indirectly.

Thaver said they are defeating the very concept of depletion clause, which is to curb dependency on foreign parts and manufacture them in Pakistan. It is requested to promote manufacture of as many parts as possible in the country, he added.

The import of luxury goods is another bad practice and the country must learn to do without the imported goods such as durables, cosmetics and other fancy goods made in Pakistan.

Huge amount of foodstuffs is also being imported, whereas Pakistan makes all items such as cheese, butter, jams, cereals, confectionery and it is indeed unfortunate that stationery, toilet requisites, toothpaste, brushes, combs, boot polishes and many other items of international standards are also being imported, the Unisame president said.

The Unisame Council experts said in the long run this will lead to Pakistan becoming dependent on imports and setback to the local industry.

They urged the prime minister to declare the “Made in Pakistan” campaign with full vigour to inculcate it a priority in the minds of the Pakistanis.

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