What makes Ghol Fish so expensive and rare?

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

06th Sep, 2021. 05:24 pm
What makes Ghol Fish So Expensive And Rare, here's why?

Many web outlets reported that a fisherman in Maharashtra’s Palghar became a billionaire after catching 157 Ghol fish worth Rs 1.33 crore. Chandrakant Tare’s story of good fortune and the Ghol fish, often known as “Sea Gold,” has gone viral.

Tare went fishing after the monsoon restriction on sea fishing was removed. Unlike his regular days, he caught 157 Ghol fish in one go, which changed the tables for him.

According to sources, Somnath Tare, Chandrakant Tare’s son, auctioned off the large catch of Ghol fish for Rs 1.33 crore. So, what is it about the Ghol fish that makes it so valuable and rare?

The ghol fish, scientifically known as ‘Protonibea Diacanthus’ and colloquially known as the black-spotted croaker fish, is an unusual specimen. It is well-known and highly valued in East Asia for its therapeutic benefits.

It is high in nutrients such as iodine, omega-3, DHA, EPA, iron, taurine, magnesium, fluoride, and selenium. What gives this fish the moniker “Sea Gold” is a bag in its stomach that contains significant medicinal capabilities and is highly valued in the international market.

Ghol fish, which is mostly found in the Indo-Pacific region, is one of the most costly marine fish in the world. However, pollution has driven these fish from the beach to the deep water.

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