Where were these five countries when the security clearance was given to New Zealand team: Sheikh Rasheed

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

20th Sep, 2021. 08:19 pm
Sheikh Rasheed Zahir Jaffer Noor Mukadam Case

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Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed addressed a press conference on Monday, also commented on New Zealand Cricket’s decision to abort the Pakistan tour at the last moment and stated that “Where these five countries that issued the threat when the security experts were visiting Pakistan and the team was practicing on the same ground?”

The minister stated that Pakistan tasked more security personnel to assure the foreign team’s security than their forces joined.

He then referred to the five-nation intelligence report on the base of which the New Zealand administration canceled the tour.

Emphasizing the competence of Pakistan’s intelligence, Rasheed informed the media that Pakistani intelligence agencies are one of the sturdiest agencies in the world.

Replying to the Opposition’s condemnation on the return of the New Zealand team, the minister stated: “Don’t throw stones at others while living in a glasshouse. A day will come when all international teams will come to play in Pakistan.”

However, the minister also discussed other issues, comprising the issue of identity cards and passports, elections, and the current situation in Afghanistan.

Whereas, the minister also stated that the individuals who are in ownership of two identity cards or passports should return one to the government by October 31.

On the contrary, the current situation in Afghanistan, the minister declared that the Pakistani forces have effectively expatriate 16,000 people from the country.

“Meanwhile, 4,000 people have returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan through the Torkham and Chaman borders,” he said.

Rasheed claimed: “We have only one narrative, and that is to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan has conveyed this message at the 20th Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s (SCO’s) Heads of State Summit in Tajikistan.”

Rasheed stated that Pakistan has not set up any immigrant camps on its land. “I visit the border, not for war but to establish peace,” he repeated.

“Our Opposition is an under-19 team and has started preparing for the elections,” he said, suggesting that the Opposition is diplomatically undeveloped.


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