Diver discovers the man’s taken belongings in river

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15th Sep, 2021. 11:01 am
Wisconsin: Diver discovers the man's taken belongings in river

In a river, a diver uncovered items that had been stolen from a man 18 months ago. Ed Bieber was looking for trash and other dipped items in the lower Menominee River in Wisconsin when he came across a metal box stuffed with significant jewels and another piled up with covered paper tribute.

Bieber uncovered that a companion perceived the family from the tribute and reached nearby occupant Gary Edwards, who affirmed that the things had been taken from his home longer than a year prior.

Edwards told WGBA-TV: “I thought everything proceeded to neglect. Also, fortunately, he reached out to me as the hero he is.”

Bieber was happy to assist with rejoining somebody with their lost property.

He stated that: “I could’ve brought it to the pawnshop and said ‘How much can you give me for this?’

“This is worth $400, $600. I could’ve done that and I think a lot of people would. But it feels good just to be able to give back to the community.”

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