Crab smoking cigarette; video goes viral on social media

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

04th Oct, 2021. 06:21 pm
Crab Smokes Cigarette video goes viral on social media

Crab Smokes Cigarette video goes viral on social media

Whenever wild animals interact with human objects, the results often become viral. But this new viral is not a raccoon using a straw or a squirrel stealing kid’s food in the park. Here we have a crab smoking, properly smoking, a cigarette.

It is very difficult for people who are addicted to smoking to give it up because they often look like they are drinking after eating.

Such people say that it doubles the taste of food. I came across a video of a drowned crab that is going viral on the internet.


The video, which went viral, took users by surprise as it was hard to believe after watching the video of the crab smoking.

In the 35-second clip, a crab holds a cigarette between its claws. It puffs in the smoke and later exhales and repeats the process multiple times. He realises he’s being filmed as he tries to walk away from the camera, all the while still holding the cigarette firmly in its grasp.

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