Nothing above family: Son gives father a new life by donating 65% liver

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09th Oct, 2021. 04:23 pm
Nothing comes above family: Son gave new life by donating his 65% liver to his dad

Nothing comes above family: Son gave new life by donating his 65% liver to his dad

Thousands of people around the world believe that nothing is more important than family, but only a handful can back it up. A similar story is currently making the rounds on the media.

In this narrative, a son has set an example by giving his ill father a fresh lease of life. The young man’s father, according to the information received, had lost his liver and the doctor had told him he didn’t have much time and would need a liver transplant as soon as possible.

Due to the necessity for a donor, the son donated 65% of his liver to his father, winning the hearts of the entire globe. The ‘Humans of Bombay’ page shared the story on Instagram, and it hasn’t stopped people from crying.

According to the boy, ”When Papa was diagnosed with liver failure, I was shocked! He never smoked or drank. And when the doctor said, ‘Without a donor, he has 6 months to live, I felt helpless.”

“Papa told me, ‘I don’t want to die. I want to see you graduate!’ Our home became morose. And during that time, the 2nd COVID wave hit; I got the virus! While isolating, I’d cry, I’m not there for Dad when he needs me!’ To keep Papa positive, I’d video call him & let him beat me in Ludo. We’d reassure each other that we’ll get through this. But after I recovered, Papa got the virus! He was rushed to the hospital regularly so I’d sit beside him & study for my exams,” he added.

“I couldn’t bear to see Dad suffer anymore! So I told my family, ‘I’m going to save him. I’ll donate my liver.”

To be eligible to donate his liver, he had to lose weight and adhere to a strict diet and exercise routine. His father, on the other hand, was concerned about the operation. According to the article:

The readers were captivated by the story, and they admired how the young guy saved his father. A couple of others said they had done the same thing for a family member. “I am very proud to have you as my son. You have set an example for the entire world by giving the best gift on Father’s day to a father,” says his dad.




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