PPP to reject bill seeking amendments in NAB laws: Sherry Rehman

Hassan Naqvi Staff Reporter

07th Oct, 2021. 08:12 pm
Sherry Rehman

Pakistanis need relief from this govt, says Sherry Rehman. Image: File

LAHORE: Rejecting the amendments brought in NAB laws via an ordinance, PPP parliamentary leader in the Senate Sherry Rehman vowed that her party will reject the bill in the upper house of parliament.

“The PTI government has a clear ulterior motive behind this ordinance, issued with obvious malafide intent, which we will reject in the Senate,” said Senator Rehman. The government is “hell-bent” on changing the entire law to save” a single person so that their scandals remain under the wraps.

“Once again, the PTI government disrespected the parliament by issuing an ordinance which is in clear violation of the Constitution, when in fact they should have consulted the House on this serious matter,” said the senator.

Continuing her tirade against the incumbent government, the senator wondered why the government had brought in the ordinance when the accountability laws of the country clearly stated that a consultation with the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly is required to give an extension to NAB chairman.

“PPP has worked hard for years to establish unity and consensus when we were in office, whereas the PTI government keeps pushing the boundaries of authoritarianism and undoing our hard work. The irony is not lost on anyone that on one hand, the PM promises a “corruption-free Pakistan” while on the other hand, he is no longer complying with the constitution,” said the senator.

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