Terror bid foiled as police defuse 2kg bomb in Peshawar

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18th Oct, 2021. 12:00 pm
BDU peshawar

An illustration of a BDU member defusing a bomb somewhere in Pakistan. Image: File Photo

PESHAWAR: Police on Monday foiled a terror bid by neutralising two kilogrammes of explosives in a market near Patang Chowk in Peshawar.

Upon receiving the information, a bomb disposal unit (BDU) of police reached the area and defused the bomb. The BDU confirmed that two-kilogramme explosive material was used in an improvised explosive device (IED).

Though militant violence in the city, and in Pakistan in general, has fallen over recent years, incidents of terrorism and attacks on civilians and the security forces in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) province, of which Peshawar is the capital, still continue to happen.

In 2020, a bomb blast at a religious seminary in Peshawar had killed at least seven people and wounded more than 80. As per reports, the bomb had contained up to six kilogrammes of explosives.

On August 20, a blast took place at a site where a Muharram procession was being carried out in Bahawalnagar. Three people were killed and more than 50 others were injured in the attack.

Security was already high across Pakistan on the 10th of Muharram, as Youm-e-Ashur was being observed with due solemnity to pay respect to the supreme sacrifice rendered by Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions at Karbala.