Thailand’s industrial output drops 4.15% in August

Xinhua Xinhua

04th Oct, 2021. 07:45 pm

BANGKOK: Thailand’s manufacturing production index (MPI) in August fell 4.15 per cent from a year earlier, the lowest level in 13 months, official data showed.

According to the latest data from the Office of Industrial Economics, MPI dropped to 87.71 points in August, mainly caused by Covid-19 outbreak which affected production and jobs.

However, the index kept growing during the first eight months of this year, driven by increased exports as a result of an improving global economic recovery trend.

The export sector continued to expand for the sixth consecutive month, led by exports of industrial goods such as auto parts, electronics, electrical appliances and plastic pellets.

Manufacturing of electronic components and boards showed an increase of 12.45 per cent year-on-year mainly due to growing demand from the home appliance, telecommunications and medical equipment.

Correspondingly, rubber production also increased by 12.06 per cent from the same period last year, with more orders from China and rising demand for rubber tyres.

In an attempt to curb the infection among factory workers, the Thai government is working closely with factory owners to prevent new spreading by encouraging them to implement various social distancing measures.

Movement restrictions are set up in several factories, in which workers can only stay in the factories or be allowed to travel only between their dormitories and their workstations.

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