‘Karachi Zoo mafia’ responsible for white lion’s death: Murtaza Wahab

Staff Reporter BOL News

25th Nov, 2021. 02:41 pm

KARACHI: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Administrator Murtaza Wahab on Thursday expressed his sorrow over the death of a rare white lion at the Karachi Zoo and blamed the ‘zoo mafia’ for their horrific negligence.

The white lion was brought to Karachi Zoo from Africa in 2012. He died after his lungs stopped working due to pulmonary tuberculosis.

Speaking at a press conference, the administrator said that there are a few mafia’s active in Karachi Zoo. “When the authorities take action, the mafias don’t abide by it because it hurts their interests. Karachi Zoo director wasn’t posted by me,” he said.

“Minister for local government had earlier suspended him for his incompetence. I had also replaced him with a competent KMC officer but he took a stay order from the judiciary in November.”

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Administrator Wahab alleged that the man responsible for providing food to the animal was misdirected, he apologised that he couldn’t do anything as a public official.

“We respect the judiciary but I believe that the courts shouldn’t have given stay order without hearing us,” he requested.

The Karachi administrator informed that he has suspended the zoo director and has ordered an inquiry. “The death is a loss of Karachi and its citizens,” he lamented.