Pakistan thrown in debt trap by PTI govt, says Ahsan Iqbal

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25th Nov, 2021. 06:03 pm

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal said on Thursday that the Imran’s government has thrown the country into a debt trap.

Speaking at a press conference, the PML-N stalwart said that the PTI government has taken more foreign loans than the accumulated tenures of the PML-N and PPP government.

“PM Imran said that he is formulating a debt commission to assess the foreign loans. We are still waiting for the report,” he said before adding, “as many as 11,000 MW of power generation was produced and China Pakistan Economic Corridor infrastructure was established through foreign loans in the PML-N tenure. The country was on the road to progress.”

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Iqbal said that every single Pakistani is now under the debt of Rs 235,000 because of the incompetence of the PTI government. “Today Pakistan for sale’s sticker is on the country’s economy. This is a dangerous situation.”

A farmer used to get a DAP fertiliser for Rs2,000, today it has touched Rs 9,000. Today we are importing wheat, crop and sugar, Pakistan’s national security is under threat under this government, he said.

Iqbal said that the government will increase over Rs20 on fuels in the coming days that will bring further inflation wave to the downtrodden section of the country.


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