PML-N legislators submit resolutions against gas price hike, IMF deal in PA

Hassan Naqvi Staff Reporter

24th Nov, 2021. 04:06 pm

An inside view of the Punjab Assembly. Image: File

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) legislators in the Punjab Assembly, Sumera Komal and Aneeza Fatima, on Wednesday submitted two separate resolutions against gas price hike and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal done by the federal government.

MPA Sumera, in her resolution, claimed that despite a hike in gas tariffs, people were still facing a gas shortage.

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“Due to gas shortages across the provinces, the masses are facing difficulties to carry out their day-to-day activities, including cooking. It is just the start of the winter season, and the stoves are not operational due to this shortage,” said Sumera.

According to the PML-N MPA, the government was again mulling a proposal to raise the gas tariff further by 150 per cent.

“This house demands that the government should not raise the gas tariff and ensure its availability for the masses,” Sumera concluded.

PML-N legislator Fatima, in her resolution submitted at the Punjab Assembly today, said that by accepting the terms of the IMF, the government was compromising the country’s autonomy and sovereignty.

“The government has decided to put down people on a mortgage with the IMF, and have also prepared the master plan of inflation which is nothing less than a ‘ticking bomb’ for the poor masses of this country,” she said.

Fatima said that the masses and the country were on the ventilator due to rampant inflation, and the government made another plan to further increase the prices of petroleum, electricity and daily commodities.

“Due to the ‘inflation shocks’ given to the masses by the government, they are forced to attempt suicides as they are finding it difficult to make ends meet,” the PML-N legislator noted.

Fatima alleged that the government, in compliance with the IMF, had decided to manipulate, and cause damage of Rs550 billion to the masses.

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Through the platform of this house (PA), we demand the federal government to bring the terms agreed with the IMF to the floor of the house, and give relief to the masses by decreasing the prices of daily use items and POL products, she concluded.