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Use of EVMs not feasible, says PPP MNA

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MNA Syed Agha Rafiullah. Image: File

ISLAMABAD: A day after the Election Commission of Pakistan expressed uncertainty over electronic voting machines in the next general elections, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MNA Syed Agha Rafiullah on Friday criticized the government saying that the institution which is responsible for using the machines was itself unaware of how to use them.

Syed Rafiullah said the use of EVMs in the next general elections was a farce.

“It could be Imran Khan’s wish but it is not feasible. No one knows how many machines or the workforce that will be required to use these machines. It’s extremely impossible to make use of these voting machines,” he said in a statement.

He said two bills one of which pertained to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the other related to Kukbhushan Jadhav were state matters that needed deliberation but were passed in a rush by the joint session of the parliament.

He said the same people who brought Imran into power would soon show him the door.

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A day ago, ECP Secretary Omar Hamid Khan had told a National Standing committee that even though the bill regarding electronic voting machines had passed, the ECP was not bound to hold elections according to it.

“It took India 20 years and Brazil 22 years to get themselves on the machines. It will also take us a while to get these machines up and running.”

Omar Hamid Khan was briefing a meeting of the members of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice, chaired by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) MNA Riaz Fatyana.

The secretary had said it was not essential for the election commission to use the machines immediately after the bill was passed.

“There are challenges in using EVMs. We cannot say anything with surety, whether the use of EVMs will be applicable in the next elections or not,” he had said.

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