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Watch smart monkey ‘pro max Jugaad’ to get down from stairs quickly

smart monkey 'pro max Jugaad' to get down from stairs quickly


Monkeys have proven many times that they are among the smartest animals on the Earth.

On social media, a video has gone viral in which one such intelligent monkey came up with a trick to climb down the stairs faster than the other monkeys.

A user from Instagram published the video on Instagram. And he gets over 6,500 likes on the post.

A monkey can be seen sliding down a double railing in the middle of a staircase, at what appears to be a religious building in the video.

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Because there are so many monkeys in the area, visitors don’t appear to notice the amusing way the monkey was moving down the staircase. But the person who was filming the video noticed it.

Another monkey may be seen climbing down the stairs normally from the steps, while this monkey simply takes the quickest way to get down.

The monkey used its two hands to glide down the double railing with its legs catching up quickly as if the railing was designed specifically for monkeys to play on.

Have a look!

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