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Seal hides in a boat, surrounded by killer whales

Seal hides in a boat, surrounded by killer whales

“Most intense epic experience ever. Love you Nature. What a lucky seal,” the boat owner wrote while sharing the intense clip. (Image: The Indian Express)

The seal rushed onto the boat and stuck between the engines to dodge the killer whales’ jaws in a viral incident from British Columbia.

When a seal noticed a whale-watching boat and jumped on board to seek safety while a pod of orcas circled around to hunt it down, something similar happened. Many people have been surprised by the video.

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The seal is seen climbing on the back end of a boat’s deck and scrambling to make it adjacent to the boat’s motor in video from 2016, which has gone viral once again. About five or six killer whales tried to pursue the seal to the boat as it gasped for air in terror. They were fortunate, though, because no one tried to eat it in the boat.

Here’s the link to the video:

At the time, Fraser informed media that the interaction lasted over 45 minutes, “That was my first time ever seeing killer whales… I’ve never seen anything like it, I don’t think anybody else has ever seen anything like it.”

He added, “We obviously weren’t going to touch the seal, we weren’t going to interfere with anything.”

In the end, the seal outsmarted the orca’s thanks to its boat hideaway, and the pod quickly dispersed without injuring the seal.

Here are some reactions on twitter:

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