The Final Act

The Final Act

The Final Act

Afzal from Pyarey Afzal

We were so invested in Afzal and Farah’s love story that the ending broke us, it was heavy, heart-breaking and beautiful, all at the same time. With things finally falling back in place for Afzal and Farah, it was just a phone call, a confession of love from Farah that the audience were waiting for to get the happy ending the two deserved, but we wouldn’t have remembered it if it wasn’t a tragic end. Afzal drifting away from life as Farah finally confessed her love for him and promised spending the rest of her life with him, it was poetic, but just because it was poetic doesn’t mean it didn’t haunt us. The audience have been craving to see the two come together for a project since years now, and with Hamza Ali Abbasi distancing himself from TV, the dream coming true seems unlikely.


Gulsher from Alpha Bravo Charlie


One of the hardest hitting deaths for avid drama buffs in the 90’s was that of Gulsher’s. The drama first had us falling in love with the shy Gulsher and his budding romance with Shehnaz. Our prayers were answered when the two got married and we still hold a grudge as we remember Gulsher’s death(s) in the drama. Even after the first news of Gulsher’s death and Shehnaz’s moving on, our heart still ached for Gulsher who was stuck with the Serbs and when he finally makes a run, he’s shot mercilessly. Decades later, fans still cannot get over this death.

Kashif from Raqeeb Se

Kashif’s character broke so many stereotypes in Raqeeb Se; asking for consent to marry, respecting boundaries, sharing a purely platonic relationship with her cousin Insha and standing against corruption even when his father was involved, clearly the best man in Raqeeb Se. Fans were smitten by the character’s brief yet impactful screen time in the drama, especially the last scene where he asks Ameera if she would want to marry him. The proposal was cut short as the man was shot for exposing the corruption that his father (and others) were involved in. His death marked the aftermath of corruption leaving his parents, Ameera and fans shattered. Truly a death that’s been under-rated.

Dawood in Dhuwan


Before Nabeel Zafar was known as Nabeel of Bulbulay, he was a serious actor who was considered amongst the best in the business. In 1994, he made nearly everyone cry when his character Dawood died onscreen after succumbing to his injuries in Dhuwan. The play that was written by Ashir Azeem and directed by Sajjad Ahmed was made like an American police procedural, where action sequences were a norm. It was during one such action sequence that Dawood (Nabeel) got hit and died in his friends’ arms. The way Nabeel portrayed his character’s death is something not many have been able to forget even after 27 years. His character’s final moments were easily one of the best pieces of realistic acting one would see on national TV, anywhere in the world. It was made evergreen thanks to Farrukh Abid’s score that was mixed with Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Kise Da Yaar Na Vichre song in the background.

Fouzia in Baaghi

Saba Qamar is one of those actresses who can breathe life into any character; however, in Baaghi, she went a step further and made her character eternal by dying onscreen. Aired in 2017, the play was directed by Farooq Rind, who ensured that the viewers would remain glued to their seats while watching the death of his drama’s title character. Since the play was based on the life of slain Qandeel Baloch, everyone knew Qamar’s character Fouzia would eventually die too, but it is how beautifully the director choreographed the sequence that stunned all. One must commend young actor Syed Tabrez Ali Shah who played Munna, for he goes on to drug his sister and strangles her onscreen, with both vengeance and pity in his eyes. Saba’s expressions added colour to the tragic sequence where her character’s life flashed before her eyes while she tried to regain control, without success.

Hamza in Aisi Hai Tanhai


Sami Khan usually plays the good guy in dramas, however some relate more to his villainous outings. In Aisi Hai Tanhai aired in 2018, he played Hamza, a character who had both good and bad shades. By the time his character realised that he was at fault and should never have left his lover alone, it was time to play the hero, and with director Badar Mehmood’s help, he managed to make the death impactful. He not only gave his life to save the love of his Pakeeza (played by Sonya Hussyn), from bullets that were intended for her, but his expressions while dying in front of her at the hospital were priceless. His character breathed his last when Pakeeza asked him to take his name while visiting him, and all he could do was try, before succumbing to his injuries. Writer Mohsin Ali and director Badar Mehmood also deserve praise for this memorable execution.

Danish in Mere Paas Tum Ho

Humayun Saeed may be a wonderful actor but the way Danish, his character in Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s Mere Paas Tum Ho, died couldn’t have been more comical. Although the play was directed by Nadeem Baig, there hardly was anything he could do, for the lines that couldn’t be changed were penned by the maestro. The heart attack in the final episode was needless, and so was the drama that followed. However, the conversation between the father and son was hilarious, to say the least for a) a patient can’t invite a visitor while being treated in a hospital, b) a patient can’t remove his mask during surgery, c) a patient can’t talk while being operated upon, and d) the doctors seemed waiting for Danish to die as if they knew that he is going to die, but taking too much time in dying. Talk about tragic deaths and this one might end up into the comical ones, if there ever is such a list!

Charlie Pace in Lost


There’s one character’s loss that some can’t recover from, despite the episode having aired a decade ago. Lost, which ran from 2004 to 2010, became known for its shocking twists before the first season was even finished. The show featured a thrilling narrative surrounding the survivors of a plane crash who find themselves on an off-grid island with unfathomable mysteries. And although the show is heralded as a timeless classic of its genre, viewers like us still feel some type of way for Charlie Pace and his death. Charlie’s incredible character growth after overcoming heroin addiction, regaining self-confidence, falling in love and becoming a father figure to a child, only to die while trying to save his friends becomes so tumultuous and hard-hitting for one to watch. When rescue from the island becomes a possibility, Charlie goes on suicide mission to shut down a communications jammer on the island. He eventually loses his life, drowning in a signal room submerging in water, using his last breath to write a key message to his friends. What makes the death even more heart-breaking is that Charlie died hoping his love, Claire, would make it on the escape helicopter, which she ultimately never ends up stepping foot on.

Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones could have its own book on the tumultuous deaths it showcases and the cultural effect each of them have had, ranging from the Red Wedding to the Sept of Baelor. And while we revel in Cersei’s use of wildfire to kill almost everybody that slightly annoys her, there’s one death the Lannister’s were seemingly behind that left us all reeling, and that is of our beloved prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell. His character was attuned to a distinct cavalier swagger that dominated each scene, charming fans every step of the way. On a mission to avenge his sister’s death, who had met her demise at the hands of a henchman called The Mountain, he partakes in a lopsided trial by combat where The Mountain gouges out Oberyn Martell’s eyes and crushes his skull. Viewers witnessed every bloody second of it. Making a huge impression in a matter of minutes, the effect worked brilliantly when he met a sudden and shocking end.

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