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Watch: How experts save the Cobra’s Head which gets stuck in beer-can

Watch: How experts save the Cobra's Head which gets stuck in beer-can


Plastic trash and litter are is creating trouble for wildlife and pets. In a recent incident in Odisha’s Puri, a cobra stuck in a beer can that had been left on the roadside.

Its head was stuck within the can and was unable to escape. Locals stepped in and called wildlife rescuers, who were able to free the reptile and release it back into the wild.

A terrified cobra was seen struggling in his lawn after having its head stuck in a beer can.

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A video of the rescue operation shows a handler approaching the reptile with a bag in his left hand and a metal snake catcher on his right. He first cut a small hole on side of the can to let the snake breathe.

As the head of the snake emerged from the metal can, the experts used an open-ended plastic tube to cover its mouth and stop it from biting anyone. The expert then cuts the tin and sets it free.


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