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Situation in Murree consistently being monitored: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid


Army soldiers take part in a rescue operation to clear a road following a blizzard that started on January 7 in Murree. Image: AFP

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said the government had planned to explore new tourist spots in a bid to revitalize the tourism industry and project a positive image of the country globally through modern means of communication.

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Talking to the media in Islamabad, he said that there was a dire need to explore almost 10 to 15 new tourist spots to create options for travellers.

He said the record-breaking snowfall occurred after decades in Murree which created such a challenging situation saying he would ensure proper management in the future.

The minister further said that situation in Murree was consistently being monitored and till this evening all routes would be cleared.

As unprecedented snowfall thawed at a popular Pakistan mountain resort recently, rescued tourists were found reckoning with the deaths of 22 fellow travellers in a frozen traffic jam.

The mountain-perch town — 70 kilometres (45 miles) northeast of Islamabad — has long been a favourite for tourists, who swarmed to see vistas dusted with fresh snowfall this week.

Roads were jammed with traffic from some 100,000 visitors when a blizzard dumped four feet (1.2 metres) of snow from Friday onwards.

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Stuck in their cars overnight, 22 people died from the cold or carbon monoxide poisoning from exhaust fumes. Among them were 10 children.

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